INFE Voting: It's Macedonia Calling ...

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INFE Network Voting continues with the Macedonian votes today. Points were given by points from Belarus, Greece, Poland, Turkey (our website) and Poland, Azerbaijan, Romania so far. Today, INFE Azerbaijan has voted and here are the results:

1 point Azerbaijan

2 points Belgium

3 points Estonia

4 points Cyprus

5 points Australia

6 points the United Kingdom

7 points Bulgaria

8 points Sweden

10 points Portugal

12 points Italy


Current Rankings

1- ITALY: 75 pts

2- BULGARIA: 63 pts

3- SWEDEN: 49 pts

4- BELGIUM: 34 pts

5- AZERBAIJAN: 24 pts

Italy’s Francesco Gabbani continues his lead. Followed by Bulgaria and Sweden.

5 countries remaining to give their votes.

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