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Portugal won the Eurovision this year with Salvador Sobral and his song “Amar Pelos Dois”. After this victory all eyes turned to Lisbon for next years’ Eurovision.

General Director of Portuguese channel, Gonçalo Reis RTP has revealed some of his thoughts and plans. He said that they will give the opportunities to people about not only entertainment, but also tourism. The first joining meeting with EBU will take place on 13 June in Lisbon. Before that, RTP is taking a look to all the documents.

RTP and EBU are going to discuss all technical part of the contest during this joining meeting.

According to Portuguese media, average price will be 30 to 50 million euros for hosting.

He added that the venue of the contest has not been decided. They’re contacting with the brands, though. But he said next year they will serve elegance and quality to viewers and visitors.

What do you think about this news? Will Portugal organize a good Eurovision next year?

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