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Special Interview With Sertab Erener

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24 May 2003 …
People in Turkey came together and they were celebrating the victory in Eurovision which came with Sertab Erener and her song “Everyway That I Can”.

We were having an amazing night that we dreamed for so long but no one expected though. After all the bad results we got since our participation, finally we won the Eurovision. After an exciting and unpredictable voting, Turkey was at the top of the scoreboard. This was the moment that we all felt like our heart ripped out. People who watched the Eurovision in 2003 witnessed an incredible victory.

There is a person who created and found idea of the Turkish Eurovision club, brought all musicians and fans together, Ali Durgut. He experienced all these memory and excitement with Sertab Erener in Riga.

Durgut dedicated his life to Eurovision and finally, his dreams came true with Sertab Erener.

As you know, this week we celebrated the 14th year anniversary of this incredible victory. Our founder Ali Durgut, met with Sertab Erener and talked about 2003.

In this article we’ve compiled this special interview for you.

“Sertab Erener was so elegant, beautiful and modest as always.” says Ali Durgut.

Sertab, emphesized the importance of Eurovision and she thought Turkey should return the contest and share the music with other countries. She said she will be happy to see Turkey’s return and added Eurovision is beautiful contest for everyone.

Erener; also talked about this years’ winner Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral and his song “Amar Pelos Dois”. She said she like the song and thought that the song was beautifully composed.

In case Turkey’s return to the contest, she said she would be happy to support the singers from Turkey. Also she revealed that she doesn’t want to participate Eurovision again because she thinks “quitting on the top” is the best way.

In this special metting, Ali Durgut gave a plaquet to Sertab Erener as a symbol of the love of Turkish people. Also she said that she still keeps the Eurovision trophy.

You know, winning Eurovision is a dream for so many singers and countries.

Everyone in our club named EurovisionDream is thankful to Sertab Erener who gave this honour and dream to us.

She has lots of fans not only in Turkey but also in the other countries. Finally, she sent a message to her fans. She announced she will be touring Europe soon and sent kisses to all who supports her.

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