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Putin Gave An Interview About Eurovision

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Russian president Vladimir Putin gave an interview about Eurovision this week. As you know, Russia hosted 2009 Eurovision in capital Moscow.

Putin said that this years Eurovision which was hosted by Ukraine was not so impressive at all. He reported that he doesn’t feel regretful about withdraw decision which was made after Russian singer Julia Samoylova’s situation. According to Putin, authorities in Kyiv are unable to host these kind of big events.

Also, Julia Samoylova –who was banned from entering Ukraine for Eurovision– performed in Crimea at Victory Day during Eurovision week.

Despite this years ban, Julia Samoylova has a chance to represent Russia at Eurovision next year. Russia’s Channel 1 previously announced that she is going to represent the country in 2018. We will likely to see her performing in Lisbon.

What do you think about this news? Do you agree on Julia Samoylova’s participation next year? Let us know.

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