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Estonia's Head of Delegation Wanted An Apology

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As we know, Estonia’s Koit Toome and Laura had a technical problem during their performance in 2nd Semi-Final. Laura’s mic was closed for a couple of seconds.

Now, Estonia’s Head of Delegation Mart Normet revealed that they haven’t been given apology after their performance. Despite this issue, Koit & Laura got the 6th highest score of the night from viewers. Unfortunately, they failed to collect enough points from juries to make them a qualifier for the final.

Normet added, the problem isn’t the main reason. He wanted to say, if these kind of issues happened, organizers should have been here for apologize and solutions.

He also congratulated the winner Salvador Sobral and he thinks he was breathtaking and magical.

Estonia failed to qualify again after last year. Koit Toome and Laura finished 14th in their semi-final and shockingly one of the absolute qualifiers for bookies and fans couldn’t make it through.

What are your thoughts about this? Did Estonia deserve to perform in the Grand Final?

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