Eurovision 2017 - Kiev

Another Scandal For Ukrainian Channel

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As you know, previously EBU fined Ukrainian channel UA:PBC for their organization issues and Russia problem. Now another unexpected scandal has happened.

Euronews SA, who is holding UA:PBC’s broadcasting licence, revealed that they are trying to take back their money from them. Euronews SA, has given the channel €15.000.000 for organization if they’re needed. But they didn’t and organization has gone well.  Since they didn’t use it, Euronews SA wants their money.

It has been known that Ukraine government hired lawyers to explain their decision is wrong and unfair.

Ukraine has been suffering from these political and financial issues for a while. We will see how they can handle all these problems. It may affect their next year’s Eurovision plan.

What are your thought? How do you think this crisis will end? Let us know in the comments section.

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