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Eurovision In America?

Eurovision is the biggest music competition in the world now but the more it became popular the more it spreads the world. And last week EBU has decided to launch a brand new contest called Eurovision Asia. Now another interesting news has come: Eurovision America.

All Eurovision fans know Jon Ola Sand. The Executive Supervisor of Eurovision. He gave an interview to Eurovision Fan House and he mentioned that he wants to see an American version of Eurovision (states against states). But it should be specified that they haven’t concluded it yet.

Since 2016, Eurovision is broadcasted in the USA. After a great first impact, Logo TV broadcasted 2017 edition too and this literally proves the popularity of the contest.

He admitted it’s a long term strategy, so it’s not definite and close to us. As you know previously, some YouTube channels filmed American people’s reactions to Eurovision songs. You can see the example below:

We don’t know how fans will react these news because Europe’s continental contest is becoming something huge all around the world.

What do you think? Do you want to see Eurovision in the other parts of the world? Let us know in the comments section.

New Song from Amir

We know him from Eurovision 2016. He represented France with his song “J’ai cherche”. Now he came back with a brand new single. His new song named “États d’Amour”. It means “States Of Love”. Here you can listen the song below:

Who is Amir?

He represented France at Eurovision 2016. After years of bad results, he brings back the sunny days to the country of love and got respectable 6th place. However, he has been on top 3 in betting odds just before the grand final.

Eurovision success followed him wherever he has gone. His album “Au cœur de moi” did pretty well and hit the French charts. The more he became successful, the more world has started to hear his name.  Recently, we saw him in a collaboration with worldwide famous group OneRepublic. You can listen “No Vacancy” below:

What are your thoughts? Do you like Amir’s new song? Do you want to see him more successful as all fans do?

Special Song from Måns

2015 Eurovision winner Mans Zelmerlöw, shared a special song.

After the terror attacks that happened in Barcelona, Swedish “Hero” shared a video of a song on his Instagram account. He wrote:


I am absolutely devastated by the events in Barcelona yesterday. Enough now. As many of you know, Barcelona is very special to me. I loved every second of my years there - the people and their mentality, the city and it's versatility, the beauty in its architecture, the mountains and the beaches. It's a friendly city. I felt that the first time I set foot there and still do every time I visit. The dark forces of this world try to take that away from city after city, but fail every time. They will fail in Barcelona too. I actually wrote a song about my love for the city a couple of years ago together with Robert Habolin and Gavin Jones. It never became more than a demo. But I felt I wanted to share it with you in this moment of grief. Link in bio. #barcelona

Måns Zelmerlöw (@manszelmerlow)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Then he shared a full audio version of the song on Youtube. The song called “Can I Call You Home?” This is not that first time that we heard something about Barcelona from Mans.

Previously, in 2014 he released an album named “Barcelona Sessions”. So, we know that how he adores the sunny Spanish city.

We appreciate his thoughtful and sincere attitude about Barcelona.

What do you think? Do you like his song?

Eurovision In Asia !

EBU launches its brand new competiton: Eurovision Asia Song Contest. For years, everyone is waiting for Asian version of Europe’s biggest TV show. Now EBU officially confirmed that Asian countries’ dreams are coming true.

Dates and host for the first edition are still yet to announce but we could be sure that it’s not that far.

With the competing countries are still unknown, EBU revealed that approximately 20 countries will be competing for the Eurovision Asia trophy.

Also, the new website for the contest has opened and a question asked to fans: “Who should compete?”. They would love to know supporters’ thoughts on the contest. (You can visit the website from here.)

As you know, previously singers with Asian origin has competed at Eurovision such as Dami Im. She was South Korean but grew up in Australia. This contest could open the door of fame for Asian superstars. South Korean and Japanese music industry are so big nowadays and they have lots of foreign fans. This could bring diversity into the contest.

What do you think about the new competition? Did EBU do the right thing with launching brand new competition?

Another Scandal For Ukrainian Channel

As you know, previously EBU fined Ukrainian channel UA:PBC for their organization issues and Russia problem. Now another unexpected scandal has happened.

Euronews SA, who is holding UA:PBC’s broadcasting licence, revealed that they are trying to take back their money from them. Euronews SA, has given the channel €15.000.000 for organization if they’re needed. But they didn’t and organization has gone well.  Since they didn’t use it, Euronews SA wants their money.

It has been known that Ukraine government hired lawyers to explain their decision is wrong and unfair.

Ukraine has been suffering from these political and financial issues for a while. We will see how they can handle all these problems. It may affect their next year’s Eurovision plan.

What are your thought? How do you think this crisis will end? Let us know in the comments section.

Poli Genova Released Her New Song

Bulgarian Eurovision star Poli Genova released English version of her new song “Oshte”. New version called “Can U Remember Me?”.

Poli is one of the most recognizable faces for Eurovision fans. Firstly, she competed at Eurovision 2011 which took place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Her song “Na Inat” failed to qualify for the Grand Final.

After she had been chosen as a presenter of Junior Eurovision 2015, she didn’t give up and tried her chance again in 2016. This time she didn’t only qualify for final, but also she got honorable 4th place with her song “If Love Was A Crime” . This result have been the best result for Bulgaria until 2017. This result was developed by 17 year old youngster Kristian Kostov this year. His song “Beautiful Mess” took 2nd place, behind Portuguese hero Salvador Sobral.

What do you think about her new song? Let us know.

Controversy Is Still Alive !

Controversy between Russia, Ukraine and EBU is still alive.

As you know, in last weeks EBU, fined Ukrainian channel UA:PBC with nearly €200.000 for organization issues and Russia problem. After that, some fans thought that Russia chose Julia Samoylova on purpose. After all these progress, it was revealed that EBU will give punishment to Russia's "Channel 1" too.

Chairman of EBU Referance Group Frank Dieter-Frieling didn't give any clues about it but it is expected to be the same penalty given to Ukraine.

Previously, EBU unveiled their new rules in order to prevent political issues.

What do you think? Can EBU decrease the politics at Eurovision with this new rules?



Elhaida Dani Is Ready For The New Single "Ruby" With Durim Morina

As you know Elhaida Dani represented Albania at Eurovision 2015 with her song “I’m Alive” and she has the honour of being the last Albanian singer who has experienced the grand final atmosphere.

Nowadays, Dani is preparing her new single “Ruby” and in this single she is collaborating with young artist Durim Morina.

“Ruby” is expected to be successful single. The song composed and produced by Arthur Pingrey. We heared this name with his three Oscar nominations. Previously, big artists like Sia has worked with him too.

Elhaida is playing in Notre Dame de Paris musical, so she is on France tour. She said she is excited to work with Morina and she added she fell in love with the song too. She mentioned that she is acting the role Esmeralda in the musical and she is ready for the new project. And it’s gonna be more than a project according to her.

Durim Morina is a Kosovar singer and he lives in the USA. He released a successful single named “Puzzle”. He also said that “Ruby” is so special for him and working with Elhaida is great. He thinks Elhaida is amazing artist and so kind.

Furthermore, Morina revealed that he is big fan of Eurovision and he would love to represent his country in some day. But for now, Kosova doesn’t take part at Eurovision. Time will tell us what is going to happen.

Single “Ruby” is likely to be released in July.

Stay tune for more.

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