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INFE Voting: Georgia and Malta Announced

INFE Network Voting continues with Georgian and Maltese votes. Points were given by points from Belarus, Greece, Poland, Turkey (our website) and Poland, Azerbaijan, Romania, FYR Macedonia, Cyprus,Spain and Ukraine so far. Here are the results:

INFE Georgia

1 point Finland

2 points Azerbaijan

3 points Greece

4 points Portugal

5 points Belgium

6 points Bulgaria

7 points Switzerland

8 points Sweden

10 points Italy

12 points France

INFE Georgia

1 point Serbia

2 points Austria

3 points Belgium

4 points France

5 points Estonia

6 points Israel

7 points Denmark

8 points Sweden

10 points Bulgaria

12 points Italy

Current Rankings

1- ITALY: 138 pts

2- BULGARIA: 97 pts

3- SWEDEN: 84 pts

4- BELGIUM: 57 pts

5- FRANCE: 55 pts

Italy’s Francesco Gabbani continues his lead with 41 points margin. Followed by Bulgaria and Sweden. 

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