INFE Voting: It's time for Poland

INFE Network Voting continues with the Polish votes today. INFE Network -which has our website as one of the members- annonunced the points from Belarus and Greece before. Today, INFE Poland has voted and here are the results:

1 point Denmark

2 points Latvia

3 points Israel

4 points FYR Macedonia

5 points Azerbaijan

6 points France

7 points Sweden

8 points Belgium

10 points Italy

12 points Bulgaria


Current Rankings


1- ITALY 34 pts

2- BULGARIA 29 pts

3- BELGIUM 17 pts

4- SWEDEN 17 pts

5- FRANCE 16 pts

Italy’s Francesco Gabbani is still in the lead, following by Bulgaria and Belgium.


With these results, 9 countries remaining to give their votes. Keep in touch for more points …

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