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Eurovision In Asia !

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EBU launches its brand new competiton: Eurovision Asia Song Contest. For years, everyone is waiting for Asian version of Europe’s biggest TV show. Now EBU officially confirmed that Asian countries’ dreams are coming true.

Dates and host for the first edition are still yet to announce but we could be sure that it’s not that far.

With the competing countries are still unknown, EBU revealed that approximately 20 countries will be competing for the Eurovision Asia trophy.

Also, the new website for the contest has opened and a question asked to fans: “Who should compete?”. They would love to know supporters’ thoughts on the contest. (You can visit the website from here.)

As you know, previously singers with Asian origin has competed at Eurovision such as Dami Im. She was South Korean but grew up in Australia. This contest could open the door of fame for Asian superstars. South Korean and Japanese music industry are so big nowadays and they have lots of foreign fans. This could bring diversity into the contest.

What do you think about the new competition? Did EBU do the right thing with launching brand new competition?

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